The Invisible You

The Invisible You

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be invisible? You probably have right? You’ve probably at least day dreamed about attending your own funeral. Of course you’re not actually dead, everyone just thinks you are (think Huckleberry Finn). But everyone knows being invisible would never work out well. It never could. One reason for this is that we are designed to interact with others.

Granted, self-protection is sometimes necessary and not everyone is entitled to know everything. But, when we hide major areas of our lives from others it never ends well. Yet, even though it ends poorly, because every one of us has the ability to conceal portions of our lives we often chose isolation over interaction. Why is that?

I’m sure we could come up with lots of “reasons” for this. But let’s just look at one simple reason. We don’t want people to see that part of us. We want to keep that part secret, camouflaged, and invisible. We justify this by telling ourselves that it’s best this way. After all, no one wants to see the real me. By the way, how many times did you take that spontaneous picture before posting it to your social media page?

What if our impression is wrong? What if the point of sharing our struggles with one another isn’t so much about them seeing us? (Even though we’re constantly being bombarded with that exact message) What if it’s about something more significant?

What if it’s really about Christ?   What if it’s about others seeing Christ – at work in us?   Would this make a difference? We need to have the mindset that being able to see the work of Christ sanctifying us is needful. Others need to see the work so that they can share in the sorrows of the struggle and receive instruction from their involvement. This way everyone grows. But growth will not happen if our struggles are invisible.

When we attempt to thrive while making parts of ourselves invisible, we fight against the very purpose God has intended.  We don’t receive the blessing of others coming alongside to bear our burdens. Others don’t get to share in the joy of seeing God’s grace poured out on our behalf. Even the church is forced to suffer in silence when God’s people cut themselves off from one another. By overly concentrating on concealment and self-protection, everyone is robbed of the insights God intends for us to glean from our experiences. We also miss the opportunity to see the gracious work of Jesus Christ molding us into His image.

We all know it isn’t easy to share our struggles with sin or suffering. As long as you focus on yourself it never will be. But, it is possible if you allow yourself to share what Jesus is doing “in you.” Do you know why? Because seeing what Jesus is doing “in you” – is more significant!

Seeing Jesus is better. Make my heart believe!

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Father of five, Air Traffic Controller, Currently taking Seminary classes
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